Fight Announcement: Finn Aubrey vs. Kasim Khamdamov

Two Brighton boys go head to head as Finn Aubrey and Kasim Khamdamov take to the cage in an Amateur Kickboxing bout.

Finn Aubrey vs. Kasim Khamdamov Victory Fights 4

Finn Aubrey, 20, fights out of Elements Martial Arts.

Kasim “The Eagle” Khamdamov, 18, fights out of Kenshiro Muay Thai and is excited to join his team mates on the home show.

Both fighters are making their debut and would appreciate the support of the crowd so get your tickets to Victory Fights 4 and show your support.

Check out this video to see what you can expect from Brighton’s best fight night:

Location Kenshiro, Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Rd, Brighton, BN2 9XZ Hours Open 7 days a week - see the Kenshiro timetable at
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