Fight Announcement: Daniel Vortiah vs Matt Hooten

Young Brightonian talent Daniel Vortiah takes on a tough test in an Amateur K1 match up against Matt Hooten.

Daniel Vortiah Vs Matt Hooten Victory Fights Brighton

Daniel “El Assassino” Vortiah is a tall, rangy, slick, young striker coming out of Kenshiro gym. Vortiah looks forward to fighting on his home show, especially as he feels his away bouts have been unfairly judged and that he is really undefeated. He won his debut at Victory Fights with an unanimous decision (see video below).

In his post fight interview at Victory Fights, Vortiah said:

This is just the beginning. I’m training more every day, harder than ever… so expect a lot from me in the future.

Matt Hooten fights out of Daz Dugan’s Military Fitness, a gym known for their grittiness. Hooten has the advantage of experience in this match, with a 5:1 record. Expect varied attacks and powerful striking from this tough contender.

With a number of exciting fights announced and some big names on the card, isn’t it time you got your ticket to Brighton’s best fight night?

Daniel Vortiah vs Jerome Martello at Victory Fights in Brighton, Sussex:

Daniel Vortiah’s post fight interview:

Location Kenshiro, Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Rd, Brighton, BN2 9XZ Hours Open 7 days a week - see the Kenshiro timetable at
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