Fight Announcement: Terry Brazier vs. Scott McGovern

In an exciting announcement for fight fans, BAMMA World Champion Terry Brazier will be returning to Victory Fights for a boxing match with challenger Scott McGovern.

Terry Brazier vs Scott McGovern boxing match at Victory Fights Brighton

McGovern is an undefeated, unlicensed boxer with a 6.0 record and a recent win in a 4 man boxing tournament at Muay Thai Mayhem. This gritty southpaw from Crawley Lumpini will be a tough opponent and will hopefully have the Crawley fans support as the Dominator’s pride will no doubt be in full force screaming for McGovern to be fed to The Lion!

They don’t come much tougher than Terry “The Dominator” Brazier, as anyone who has seen him fight will know. Brazier made his boxing debut at the first Victory Fights and has since then won the BAMMA Welterweight World Championship.

Which of these two tough competitors will take the win? Be there to support your man and get tickets for Victory Fights now before they sell out!

In the meantime, rewatch Brazier’s BAMMA win over Alex LaHore…

Location Kenshiro, Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Rd, Brighton, BN2 9XZ Hours Open 7 days a week - see the Kenshiro timetable at
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